3 little-known strategies to love the skin you’re in without diet or exerciseIt’s no secret that our culture is obsessed with pursuing the ‘ideal’ body. Here are some strategies to counter the pressure to conform.by Rikka ZimmermanWe are constantly bombarded by ads for the next magical diet, wonder pill, or exercise regimen, which all seem to share the common goal of transforming us into stick-thin model types like the very slender 90’s model, Kate Moss who teen girls idolised.

     However, if she lived during the Renaissance, Kate Moss’s ‘oh-so-perfect’ body would have been considered a sign of poverty in comparison to the full-figured beauty standard set by the nobility.

     Which is correct? The answer is neither. Both ‘standards' are simply a collection of judgments about what a desirable body is in the current cultural climate.

     Judgments create a distorted filter through which you experience life. Do you ever go shopping for a specific kind of car, then begin to see that car everywhere you go?

     That is, in essence, what judgments do: create a filter and alter what you take in. So, when you create judgments like, ‘My thighs are fat!’, you will look in the mirror and only notice how fat your thighs are. This includes any time you agonise over your wrinkles, or cellulite on your tummy, thinking that they are unattractive.

 Are these self-deprecating judgments true or false? You’ll be happy to learn that they are all false.

     Because judgment creates such disillusionment, the 'body standard expectation' only results in a different social norm: dissatisfaction with our appearance. vJust look at these survey results:

 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies

81% of ten-year-old girls are afraid of being fat Kate Moss, at the height of her career, was 152cm and weighed 43kg. That is 30% below a healthy body weight!

     What if there were an alternative way to relate to our bodies that didn’t involve this cycle of abusive ehaviour?

     Imagine retraining your consciousness to look in the mirror and love, adore, and celebrate your beautiful body, no matter its shape or size. What if you just gazed at your
body and felt beautiful just the way you are? This isn’t some unachievable dream; this is entirely possible.

     There are 3 little-known strategies to love the skin you’re in without diet or exercise.

Little known strategy #1 to love the skin you’re in

Would you be willing to accept that your judgments of your body are not real, not true, and not correct? Go ahead and say aloud, “I now accept that all of the judgments that I have about my body are not real, not true, and not correct.” This first step unlocks you from the illusive hold that judgments have over you.
//ARE THESE JUDGMENTS THAT YOU THINK YOU HAVE OF YOUR BODY ACTUALLY YOURS? WHAT IF THEY AREN’T YOURS, BUT ARE ACTUALLY THE RESULT OF PICKING UP ON THE COLLECTIVE JUDGMENTS AND AUTOMATICALLY TAKING OWNERSHIP OF THEM?//     A scientist by the name of Patrick Flanagan created something called a Neurophone, which is a machine with a CD player that emits the vibration of the music through sticky pads placed onto the skin. Even though there is no music audible in the room, a user can actually 'hear' the music in their head if they are connected to the Neurophone.

     This means that we can actually hear through our skin. We are like radio antennae that are sending and receiving broadcasts in every moment. The vibrations that absorb become the thoughts in our minds – the ones we believe we are thinking ourselves.

     So let me ask you again: Are these judgments that you think you have of your body actually yours? What if they aren’t yours, but are actually the result of picking up on the collective judgments and automatically taking ownership of them? What if you are being an unconscious Neurophone for the collective thoughts of others?Doesn’t that make them so much easier to release?

     This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any thoughts of your own. The thoughts that you can claim are the ones you consciously choose to think. How do you tell the difference? Ask yourself, “What do I consciously choose to think right now?” Notice what comes up, then choose a thought that is fun for you to play with.
Little known strategy #2 to love the skin you’re in

Ask any judgments of your body that come up in your head, “Did I consciously choose to think this thought? Or did it come up automatically?”

     If it came up automatically, ask yourself, “What do I consciously choose to think about my body at the moment?” Make a choice of what you choose to think about your body.

     Your body is your temple, best friend, and ally. It is on your side, doing everything it can to bring you to the greatest experience possible in your life. What if you treated your body not the way that you were treated, but the way that you should have been treated? These judgments that we buy into from the collective become the toxic waste that pollutes our beloved body temples. I believe that it is our birthright to stand up to that collective judgment about what bodies 'should' look like and declare to ourselves and the world, “I love my body just the way it is! I choose to accept my body as being perfect just the way that it is!” Let’s do that together in Step 3.

Little known strategy #3 to love the skin you’re in

Buck the system and declare your body’s freedom from the collective judgment by loving your body just the way that it is. Repeat after me: “Collective judgment about bodies, you’re not the boss of me! I choose to love my body just the way it is!”

     Do you want your body to feel happier, healthier, and have more energy without diet or exercise? Of course, right? The greatest nourishing gift you can give your body is the vibration of love. Your body doesn’t communicate through thoughts or judgments; these become abusive and cause harm. Your body communicates through vibration. So what vibration could you be with your body that would make it feel healthier, happier, and more energetic? Love. Your daily tool to love the skin you’re in

     Next time you look into the mirror and are about to pick up a self-sabotaging judgment, picture a STOP sign! Instead, choose to say to your beloved best friend, “I love you. You are beautiful just as you are.”
Rikka Zimmerman is a global leader in consciousness, creator of Adventure In Oneness & Life Transformed Coaching™, and international speaker, author, singer
and songwriter. She travels the world facilitating joy, peace, and possibility for all humanity.

You can join Rikka Zimmerman in person at The Abundant Life Blueprint 3-day event in Sydney, Australia, November 15-17, 2019. Get your free one-hour video training and learn more at www.RikkaFreeVideo.com

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