Editorial to edition #007The coronavirus pandemic has seen widespread suffering and a massive global disruption. However it's the human spirit to adapt and learn through adversity, and gather wisdom along the way. This issue is dedicated to collecting and using that wisdom to help us thrive through and beyond COVID-19.Hello lovely LivingNow community 😊
Welcome to our 7th beautiful digital magazine!

The global pandemic has seen great change and upset to world order. Sadly, there has been a lot of suffering – and we are not over it, by a long shot. Our thoughts are with all those affected, through loss of health or livelihood, or isolation. At the same time, the adversity we’ve faced has created opportunities for reflection, review and even a re-think of the priorities in our lives, individually and collectively.

When we decided to do our own re-set, and put together this special edition in place of the upcoming relationships edition, there were already signs that people were getting ‘quarantine fatigue’ (see Libby Perkins’ article). We thought we might become victims to this fatigue, and not get enough contributions from authors to put together a viable magazine.
Instead, the response has been outstanding. Not only were we flooded with entries – this issue is a bumper one – the quality has been amongst the highest we’ve ever compiled in a single edition.
Here we’d like to give big shout-out to all the contributors in this edition who’ve given generously of their time and expertise so that we all might benefit. This sharing and coming together is one of the reasons we love being part of the LivingNow community, and offering this vehicle for personal enrichment.

The inspiring content couldn’t come at a better time. Getting good information – and responding to it – has been always been key to making the best choices (a theme we strongly follow at LivingNow), and at this time it’s vitally important. Thankfully, here in Australia, the government has been, by and large, listening to the advice of experts, and consequently we’ve so far been spared the disastrous toll of victims that some other countries are seeing.

This begs the question: why has the government been less keen to follow advice from climate scientists? The relationship between the pandemic response and the environment is explored in Martin Oliver’s informative article.
Sadly there have been some ways in responding to the challenge of COVID-19 where we’ve not being doing so well; many of these can be directly traced to a lack of information, or even misinformation. Alarmingly we’re seeing some conspiracy theories circulating too. And while we are, and have always been, supportive of alternative opinions, we don’t subscribe to the idea of alternative facts. LivingNow has been all about INSPIRING people, not conspiring with people. To this end, we have in recent editions increased links to further resources, to inspire thorough, well-grounded thought processes; it seems more important than ever! In fact, authors including Jost Sauer and Peter Walker Thomas point out not only the importance, but the very pivotal nature of the time were are in.

Our lead story by Tara J Lal, and those of Larissa Wright, Abby Zensea, Janine Garner, and Dr Margaret Jiin Ngu, all provide a framework of understanding and action to not only survive the pandemic, but, taking the lessons learnt into the future, to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Indeed this is the central premise of the whole edition.

Other writers, such as Marija Herceg and Craig Fallshaw, have pivoted around lockdown restrictions and were inspired to take up a new hobby or business.
The shift from a focus on me to we is another empowering theme; this strange time in the world’s history has given many of us a chance to reassess what is important, and decide what we might want to create as a legacy, for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

You’ll find that the articles in this edition offer fantastic tools for self assessment and for personal development; we hope that you make time to read them all!

In service & gratitude,
Emma and David

2020: The year I started getting paid while lounging in the nude

How coping with the lockdown started a new business, re-ignited a creative passion, and cured anxiety.


A framework for thriving through and beyond the pandemic

It may sound counter-intuitive but the key to thriving is struggle. So, if you have really struggled in lockdown this is your opportunity – grab it with everything you have!


The environment in a post-lockdown world

Earlier this year, the world entered unchar ted waters when a  coronavirus outbreak turned into a global pandemic. This placed  the citizens of most industrialised countries in an unprecedented  position, with home lockdowns, social distancing, and unfolding  economic impacts whose ramifications are starting to emerge. The  virus is affecting nearly everything, to a greater or lesser degree,  including how environmental issues can be tackled.


Finding pleasure and aliveness in a pandemic

Have you had a healthy relationship with your pleasure lately? How can we use sensual pleasure to become more resilient?


How do you prosper during COVID-19? 

Seeking strength through adversity, and adapting to change, Craig finds a  way to prosper – and discovers a brand new passion along the way.


The art of making meaning – post-pandemic style

Making meaning helps us endure and recover from traumatic experiences, and could help you thrive beyond COVID-19 by Larissa Wright