SPONSORED ARTICLEPerfect your yoga practice and change the world – one yogi at a time
by Jahne Hope-Williams
You will be attending (by distance and zoom) an internationally recognised yoga teacher DISTANCE training program, with a 50-year heritage.Course details
Our course has been re-calibrated taking into consideration difficulties presented by COVID lockdowns. It is comprised of lectures, workshops, practices, video, YouTube channel, research, reading assignments and ZOOM. There is plenty of opportunity for you to learn all you will need to plan and lead a class confidently and with ease. And, of course, this could even be internationally, when travel is once again an option.
The time to be NORMAL has gone; this is a time to be extraordinary!
Having taught yoga and yoga teachers for more than 50 years, Jahne is a pioneer of yoga in Melbourne, and one of the first to start a yoga distance education training program. Jahne comes with a wealth of teaching knowledge, having run her own yoga studios since the late 1960’s. Additionally, she has written many books (all available on http://www.myyogabooks.etsy.com), and has taught all around the globe. Furthermore, she has taught many, many yoga teachers – who, themselves, are teaching yoga all over Australia and around the world, in studios, on luxury yachts, glamorous cities, and at retreats.

You can find our main studio space located in Woodend, just 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD.
Training programs
Our training program incorporates yoga practices with a Gita focus (asana, pranayama, bandha) with jnana (scriptural studies), dhyana (meditation), bhakti (devotion, nada (sacred sound), and sequencing. Additionally emphasising physical health (and nutrition), psychological well-being, and spiritual growth as the main goals of yogic practices. Our students learn the foundations of yoga incorporating modern scientific research. Accordingly, this prepares them for group classes as well as a more clinical, one-on-one yoga class with their own clients.

This program gives students a broad understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga.
HOME STUDY COURSE (includes Zoom training) – the first and still the best; established in 1976 – ENROLLING NOW

Accredited: Yoga Australia, IICT Platinum Trainer.

Additionally, you can find out more at www.yogabeautiful.com.au or by emailing Jahne at: yogafirst@netcon.net.au

This course will specifically focus on the following topics:

• Teaching methodology
– principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student’s process of learning.

• The endocannabinoid system, the cerebro-spinal fluid, and the Taoist micro-cosmic orbit.

• Physiology, anatomy, structural yoga therapy and subtle anatomy
– understanding the metaphysical and energetic framework of how yoga works; 8 limbs of yoga, koshas, and nadis.

• Yoga philosophy
– exploration of important yoga texts including The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

• Practicum
– practice teaching, sequencing, planning a class, receiving feedback, observing others teaching, assisting other teachers and hearing/giving feedback.

• Lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers
– exploration of what constitutes a yoga lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers.

• Business skills
– practical tools for the business of yoga.

• Restorative yoga asana
– for the infirm or those recovering from life trauma, addictions, or life threatening illness.

• Ayurveda
– the herbs and doshas.

• Communication and the importance of the tone scale in teaching skills.

Our yoga teacher training is NOW ENROLLING – come join us!• Yoga class participation at our studio or zoom if required.

• Teacher training lectures every week on ZOOM, encompassing the topics above.

• Comprehensive workbook and teaching resources.

• Home study / research / written assignments.
You will be awarded the professional designation to use after your name RYTA-C350, and be able to be insured by AON (among others). To be fully registered and insured you will need a current First Aid Certificate.

Cost: The tuition cost of $2,285 includes all training sessions, comprehensive workbook and teaching resources, yoga class participation. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.

This can be a self development course with yoga at its heart. We have designed it for people who are interested in either teaching yoga (or not) and deepening their own practice. We expect that you are a daily yoga practitioner with approximately 2 years experience.
For any inquiries/information or application, please email yogafirst@netcon.net.au
Or head to our website: www.yogabeautiful.com.au

Postal address: PO box 14, Mt.Macedon, Victoria 3441.
About the author:
Jahne Hope-Williams is one of Australia’s pioneer yoga teachers. The Australasian Yoga Institute was one of the very first schools to teach yoga by distance, becoming a company in 1976. There were many ‘firsts’. One of the first yoga teachers in Central Victoria, the first to start a school in regional Victoria, and the first to start a teacher training facility by distance in Australia. More firsts in children’s yoga teacher training, and restorative yoga teaching and training. She has always had a vision of changing the world, one yogi at a time.

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