Stargazer – astrology Apr 2024
Image: Sam Williams| UnsplashStargazer – astrology Apr 2024 – Venus; the secret to stellar relationships | How to find out where Venus is in your chart based on your date of birth – & more!
by Stella Woods
"By understanding your own unique way of attracting and relating to others, you’ll be more likely to choose partners and mates who share your deepest desires." Venus – the secret to stellar relationshipsYou know your star sign, but where is Venus in your birth chart? And what does she have to do with your love life?

Venus – planet of love, beauty, harmony, and aesthetics – plays a significant role in astrology, influencing romantic and sexual preferences, values, and our approach to relationships.
Venus in AriesPassionate, assertive, impulsive, and confident, Venus in Aries is attracted to excitement and novelty. These folk enjoy taking the lead, and are drawn to partners who share their adventurous spirit.
Image: Niki Sanders|UnsplashVenus in Taurus
Venus in Taurus seeks sensuality, loyalty, stability, comfort, and security. These people value beauty and quality, and are often generous and affectionate.
Venus in GeminiCurious, communicative, and adaptable, Venus in Gemini natives are drawn to intellectual stimulation and lively conversation. Some prefer multiple partners, Gemini being a sign of duality. Watch out for indecisiveness and emotional detachment.
Image: Veronika Unuchko|ShutterstockVenus in CancerVenus in Cancer seeks emotional depth and sensitivity. These people crave intimacy and are deeply attuned to their partner’s needs. A warm, nurturing, and secure home environment is usually important.
Venus in LeoWarm, creative, and passionate, Venus in Leo craves attention and admiration, seeking partners who appreciate their unique qualities. They are generous and affectionate lovers who enjoy grand romantic gestures and expressions of love.
Venus in VirgoPractical, analytical, and detail-oriented, Venus in Virgo values sincerity and reliability in relationships, seeking partners who share their commitment to personal growth and self-improvement. They express love through acts of service, but can be overly critical.Venus in Libra
Venus in Libra seeks harmony, balance, and partnership. These natural diplomats appreciate fairness, cooperation, beauty and elegance. Their dislike of conflict means they are not always honest about how they really feel.
Venus in Scorpio
Intense, passionate, and deeply secretive, Venus in Scorpio seeks emotional depth and intimacy, experiencing love as a powerful and all-encompassing force. They are fiercely loyal but can struggle with jealousy and possessiveness.Venus in Sagittarius
Adventurous, optimistic, and freedom-loving, Venus in Sagittarius seeks independence and spontaneity, attracting partners who share their love of exploration and travel. They are open-minded and enjoy relating to people from different cultures and backgrounds.Image: Mahrael Boutros|UnsplashVenus in Capricorn
Practical, disciplined, and ambitious, Venus in Capricorn is responsible and future-oriented. Stability and security are important, as is status. Cautious with their emotions, they are deeply loyal and committed once trust is established.Venus in Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius craves innovation, independence, and intellectual stimulation. Friendship is especially important and they seek partners who share their progressive ideals and interests. They may be unconventional in their approach to love but are loyal to those they care about.Venus in Pisces
Compassionate, romantic, and deeply empathetic, Venus in Pisces is dreamy and idealistic in matters of the heart, seeking soulful connections and spiritual resonance. They are highly intuitive and may be drawn to creative or artistic pursuits, expressing love through acts of kindness and selflessness.Where is my Venus?
You can visit 'Cafe Astrology' to find out where Venus is in your chart, based on your date of birth. Venus is usually in the same zodiac sign as your sun/star sign or the one on either side. For example if you’re a Taurean, you will have Venus in Aries, Taurus or Gemini.

Have fun finding out more about yourself, about astrology, and where Venus is for you!
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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