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astrology for April 2022

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  • Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces
  • Floods in East Coast Australia and Brazil and rising sea levels
  • War in Ukraine
  • Astrological health tips – Aries
  • New moon in Aries, and Full moon in Libra
by Stella Woods
"The energy we radiate to the outside world is always the energy reflected back towards us." Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces – envisaging the impossibleThe astrological headline event of 2022 is undoubtedly the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which peaks in mid-April. This cosmic collision happens every 13 years, the last one occurring in 2009. With a planetary conjunction, the planets blend their energies, and events on earth reflect their combined symbolism.

Astrologers are particularly excited by this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, as both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, meaning they can operate at full capacity in this zodiac sign.
Jupiter in PiscesJupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is connected with spiritual growth, optimism, expansion, and international and foreign affairs. Negatively, Jupiter is associated with excess, greed, hypocrisy, pomposity, and risk-taking. Pisces is a flexible and adaptable energy, noted for compassion, caring, creativity, spiritual wisdom, and unconditional love. Both Jupiter and Pisces have an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring meaning to life. Jupiter in Pisces brings increased awareness of the amazing creativity and wisdom we all share.
Neptune in PiscesGas giant Neptune symbolises boundless vision, dreams, spiritual insight, artistic inspiration, and creativity. On the negative side, Neptune is associated with illusion, deception, delusion, lack of boundaries, and, by association, drugs and alcohol, and scams.

Neptune’s transit of a zodiac sign gives us some indication of what ideas and values will be fashionable during a given 14-year period. Neptune’s transit through Pisces (2011-2025) has brought Piscean themes into the mainstream, for example the explosion of artistic creativity with tools like Instagram and digital video, and the increased interest in spirituality, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.
What can we expect?Here’s what astrologer Nina Kahn has to say about the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction:

The Jupiter-Neptune alignment makes it easier for us to fully embrace our spiritual self and enhance our creative instincts. It’s great for deepening any mystical practice, expressing emotions through art, and tapping into our intuition.

Jupiter-Neptune has the potential to strengthen our sense of spirituality and encourage us to explore our subconscious minds more deeply. …We might find that it’s easier to tap into a meditative state or glean insight from the symbolism in our dreams. A powerful time for prayer and meditation… we may also find that we’re connecting with art, music, or film in a more meaningful way.

And here’s how Café Astrology describes the Jupiter-Neptune energy:

A spirit of altruism and generosity, making connections with others from a different background, widening our minds through unusual or different experiences, expanded faith, and a feeling that anything is possible if we believe in it.

Practical considerations could take a back seat now. We more easily make personal sacrifices for what we believe to be the better good. Idealistic and humanitarian goals and impulses surface. Everyday, ordinary life doesn’t satisfy, as we hunger for a more idealistic life.
Practical manifestationsWhile all of the above is true, we are currently experiencing some far more challenging manifestations of Jupiter- Neptune energy as these two planets move closer together...
Image: Floods in northern NSW, Prema RaFloods in East Coast Australia and Brazil and rising sea levelsFirstly, the massive floods we have seen in Queensland and NSW, with homes and businesses destroyed, communities devastated, and lives lost. The Brazilian city of Petropolis has experienced its worst rainfall in almost a hundred years, with homes and cars swept through the streets in torrents of mud and over 100 people dead. And record temperatures have been recorded in both the Arctic and Antarctica, causing ice to melt and sea levels to rise.

Neptune is the god of the sea and ruler of water. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and excess. Pisces is a water sign. Put that all together and we could be in for more water-based disasters in all parts of the world.
War in UkraineSecondly, we can see the Jupiter-Neptune symbolism in the Ukraine war. Jupiter rules international affairs. Jupiter expands and exaggerates. Russia wants to expand its borders, and its aggressive invasion of Ukraine has brought the international community together. People all over the world are helping the millions of Ukrainian refugees forced out of their country and supporting those defending it. Russia’s President Putin firmly believes he has the right to reclaim territory to protect his country from an ever-expanding NATO, while Ukraine and Western allies believe they are the ones fighting for truth and justice – all classic Jupiterian themes.

Interestingly, the last time Jupiter and Neptune met in Pisces back in 1856, the Treaty of Paris brought an end to the Crimean War between the Russian Empire (which sought to increase its territory) and an alliance of Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia. Peace came to the Black Sea as a result, but at a great cost to a humiliated Russia.

And how does Neptune symbolism fit into the Ukraine war? Well Neptune rules chemicals, gas, and oil, and we’ve had the threat of chemical and nuclear weapons. Then there’s the arguments over boundaries, lack of boundaries, delusion, fake news, censorship and propaganda. The invasion of Ukraine took most people by surprise. Who can be trusted to tell the truth? How do we know what is really going on? What are we not being told?
World energy crisis
  • Jupiter = international affairs
  • Neptune = chemicals, gas, and oil

Thirdly, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is playing out as a worldwide shortage of gas and oil, resulting in rapidly-rising energy prices. The fuel shortages began long before the war in Ukraine, but recent decisions by European and US leaders to reduce or ban imports of Russian gas have made the problem much worse. Companies are going out of business, stock markets are falling and people who have never before considered where their gas, oil, petrol and electricity come from, have suddenly realised how dependent they are on the international energy trade. In many countries, energy bills are expected to double or even triple this year.
Finding solutions We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them. –Albert Einstein Jupiter-Neptune has a reputation for providing cosmic enlightenment, visionary expansion and breaking down boundaries. Faced with the challenges mentioned above, how can we resolve them by taking a Jupiter-Neptune approach and expanding our boundaries and ideas?
1)If fossil fuels are unavailable, or too expensive, we can go clean, green, and renewable. No more energy wars. No more planetary destruction. This energy crisis could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. There is increasing evidence that some of the civilisations destroyed in the great floods of 10,800 B.C. already knew how to harness solar power. Those who follow the work of the brilliant 19th century physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla know he was close to finding the secret of free, clean, energy, using the earth’s electro-magnetic currents. Can we rediscover his methodology?
2)We are used to being ruled from the top down, but there’s no reason why that can’t change. Could we dream up new alliances between individuals and small groups that completely bypass governments, banks, and other hierarchies? Over the past weeks we’ve heard many creative examples of individuals raising money and support for Ukraine through cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, social media, and direct action.
3)Could our climate crisis, or indeed any of our current problems, be resolved using the higher vibration of Jupiter-Neptune? Spiritual and group meditation techniques? Channelled solutions? Distance healing, prayer, chanting, and visualisation? Projecting love? These non-material techniques are particularly aligned with Jupiter-Neptune energy.
4)Could the concept of regional and national borders begin to dissolve altogether under Jupiter-Neptune? As refugees move from one part of the world to another; countries help each other out; cryptocurrencies and viruses bypass national borders, and the internet connects us 24/7, are country boundaries as sacred or indeed as tangible as they have previously seemed to be? How about rising sea levels and country borders? Is ownership of property and land as necessary as it’s always seen to be? Will Jupiter-Neptune help break down the boundaries of nation, class, race, gender, and wealth?
2022 is a year to dream the impossible. What do we have to lose? The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction offers the opportunity to create a brand-new world and there’s no reason why you can’t be part of that vision. Life is inherently unstable, and while things may seem grim, crisis and change always create new opportunities.
New moon in Aries – shaking things upNew moons are always about new beginnings. And as fire sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and this new moon is on the first day of April, there's no better time for a fresh start. Both sun and moon are aligned with communication planet Mercury, meaning you can make decisions considering both head and heart.

Mars, Saturn, and Venus are all travelling close together in revolutionary Aquarius, so you may feel like shaking up your relationships and getting serious about what you want. Should I stay or should I go? Should I commit or keep things casual? How can we spice things up? Do I want to be in a relationship at all?
Astrological health tips – AriesIn the world of astrology, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health. Fire signs are prone to different illnesses and conditions than earth signs for example. This month we take a look at feisty fire sign Aries.

Busy, over-stimulated, and always on the go, Aries only stops and takes a break when they’re absolutely exhausted! Running on adrenalin puts a huge stress on the kidneys, adrenals, and lower back. As Aries rules the head, these folks are prone to migraines, headaches, and head colds. Watch out for fever, high blood pressure, and inflammation.
Aries health advice
  • Eat slowly, and cut down on spicy foods, garlic, and onions
  • Swim in cool, fresh water
  • Plenty of rest and relaxation
  • Yoga stretches for lower back
  • Deep breathing lying on the back with knees up
  • Peppermint or green tea
Venus in Pisces – chasing rainbows Love goddess Venus travels through romantic and creative water sign Pisces from the 6th of April to the 3rd of May, sprinkling us with a heady dose of her special magic. Venus in Pisces helps open us up to the natural beauty of life, offering increased sensitivity to art, music, beauty, dreams, love, and spiritual insight. As walls and boundaries dissolve, we can make deeper connections with those close to us, be divinely inspired in our creativity or love life, and tap into hidden inner worlds that erupt into beautiful bursts of artistic expression.

The 26th-29th of April is a particularly powerful time, when Venus conjuncts Neptune, ruler of Pisces. In a world where we’re encouraged to be sensible, logical, practical, and control our emotions, Venus in Pisces helps us smell the flowers and chase the rainbows!
Full moon in Libra – make love not war
The April full moon lights up the skies on the 17th in air sign Libra. There's a feeling of compassion, gentleness, and softness at this full moon, with relationship planets Venus and Mars both in Pisces, plus the inspirational Jupiter-Neptune conjunction also in Pisces.

Make love, not war is the advice. Lay down your guns. Cool your heels. Let your words be kind and conciliatory. The energy we radiate to the outside world is always the energy reflected back towards us. 💚
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or


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