Stargazer – astrology for April 2023
Image: Christopher Briscoe| UnsplashAstrology for April 2023: the real Age of Aquarius? | Inclusivity | Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, robotics | Revolution, uprising, and more...
by Stella Woods
"We will begin to question current values, including forms of government, ways of doing business, company hierarchy, class, race, educational privilege, bureaucratic processes, international treaties, and alignments. We will also become more aware of and compassionate towards those who are oppressed, be it refugees, those living under dictatorships, modern day slaves, bonded labourers, or victims of human trafficking. These people will increasingly stand together and rise up against those who control or abuse them." The real Age of Aquarius?Pluto is our solar system’s slowest moving planet, taking almost 250 years to circle the sun as he passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Pluto challenges the status quo, clears out dead wood, revolutionises and rebuilds. Because of the length of time he spends in each sign, he’s considered a generational planet, meaning his recent move into air sign Aquarius marks a major shift in world power dynamics, and the birth of a new generation. Could this be the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius?Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008)Pluto’s entry into internationally-minded Sagittarius in 1995 brought us the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and Windows 95 operating system. The internet was suddenly in reach of anyone with a personal computer, paving the way for e-commerce and instant worldwide communication. It’s hard to believe that back in 1994 when Amazon launched its online bookstore there were only 2738 websites. Today there are over 1 billion.

The following decade gifted us with online video, music and audio streaming, the Kindle, podcasts, GPS, and digital everything – but there was a shadow side. New technology meant it was easier to collaborate and connect but also easier to control, monitor, and deceive. Carefree air travel came to an abrupt end following the carnage of 9/11 and surveillance became the norm. The boom, fuelled by overly optimistic internet start-ups, burst in spectacular fashion at the turn of the century.
Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023)Capricorn is a practical earth sign connected with business, commerce, wealth, power, resources, and hierarchy. Its mantra is structure, law, and rules. The excesses, optimism, and reckless spending of Pluto in Sagittarius came crashing down as Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008.

If 1995 was the year of the global internet, 2008 was the year of global financial crisis and the collapse of major banks. Many lost their homes, jobs, and hard-earned wealth, and people were suddenly forced to rethink their relationship with money and material possessions. Many lost faith in corrupt politicians and governments.
Astrologer Ang Stoic wrote: during this period, everything Capricorn – credibility, credit, credentials, verification, reputation, authority, accreditation, endorsement, qualification, certification, celebrity, and acclaim, among others – has undergone a complete overhaul.
The world was forced to face the consequences of decades of unsustainable growth, reckless borrowing, and over-consumption. World population grew exponentially, climate change and global warming could no longer be ignored, and life became harsher with a global pandemic and worldwide energy crisis. No matter how sophisticated our technology, Pluto in Capricorn taught us that we live on a planet with finite resources.

On the business front, Pluto in Capricorn brought the smart phone, cryptocurrency, online banking, Tinder, remote and hybrid working, Zoom education, and the rise of the digital nomad. All these inventions challenged traditional business and retail models. Those who failed to adapt were simply left behind.

Politically, Pluto in Capricorn mirrored the Arab Spring of 2010-11 in North Africa; a powerful example of ordinary citizens uprising to change their regime. Mobilising supporters and spreading their message via the new smart phone technology and social media channels Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, they brought down rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya. Social media also powered the Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and Extinction Rebellion movements.

In summary, Pluto in Capricorn has directly challenged our centuries-old concept of hierarchy, rulership, privilege, and entitlement. We’ve seen powerful leaders, public figures, long-established businesses, and financial institutions fall overnight. The power of the smart phone and social media to instantly share information, unite people, and expose corruption, has meant oppressed individuals all over the world can no longer be so easily silenced and controlled.
Image: Clay Banks | UnsplashPluto in Aquarius (2023 – 2043)Which brings us to the brave new world of Pluto in Aquarius, our companion for the next 20 years. As we’ve seen, Pluto brings destruction, transformation, and rebirth, while Aquarius represents revolution, rebellion, and brilliant new ideas and technology.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798, a revolutionary period that changed the world. The French rebelled against their hierarchical feudal system, overthrowing and executing their monarch. American colonies gained independence from colonial Britain. The Industrial Revolution brought factories, roads, canals, steam power, and a mass exodus from the countryside to new towns and cities. Ideas about freedom, human rights, and equality began to spread. The planet Uranus was discovered, forcing scientists to completely review their beliefs about the cosmos.

Following are my predictions, both good and bad, for the latest round of Pluto in Aquarius:
Inclusivity and sharingInstead of just caring about immediate family and individual achievement, Pluto in Aquarius will help us understand the importance of being part of a larger and more diverse community. This is already happening as those born with Neptune in Aquarius (1996-2011) champion a more compassionate, inclusive, and humanitarian world.

This means:
  • Accepting people of all races, colours, beliefs, sexual preferences, and gender
  • Sharing stuff with others or not owning stuff at all
  • Meaningful exchange with people who think differently and with whom we disagree
  • Standing up for social justice, diversity, liberty, equality, and human rights
  • Fighting for a fair, equitable, and sustainable society
  • Legislating to empower and protect marginalised communities
  • Embracing the concept of solidarity, community, and cooperative action
Level playing fieldThis new paradigm will challenge many of the values of those born with Pluto in Leo (1938-1957) aka the baby boomers. Boomers have always valued self-reliance, hard work, wealth creation, and individual achievement. This formula might have worked in the past, but times have changed. Individuality is increasingly being seen as selfish. Plus there are three times as many people on planet Earth as in 1957!

Rising house prices and inflation have put home ownership out of the reach of millions and created intergenerational tension and resentment. As Aquarius is all about sharing, with Pluto in Aquarius we will see new living arrangements, different models of home ownership, moves to tackle homelessness, and support to help people find a safer and more affordable place to live.

To level up the economic playing field we can expect taxation on superannuation and pensions, a rise in pension and retirement age, inheritance and wealth tax, and many other incentives designed to share resources more fairly.
Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and roboticsUnder Pluto in Aquarius there will be a massive explosion in the capabilities of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and robotics. This will change the world in ways we cannot even imagine.

Robots are already able to perform a myriad of tasks more effectively than humans, such as packing goods, assembling cars, and performing surgical procedures. Expect more astonishing developments in the field of automation.

Google Translate and similar programs have already removed language barriers, allowing people all over the world to communicate with each other. These programs will become even more sophisticated with real-time translation as people speak or write.

Algorithms, such as the recently launched ChatGPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) can now be used to create impressive new content, including audio, code, images, song lyrics, text, articles, simulations, and videos. Those who have spent years learning their profession – solicitors, teachers, journalists, designers, editors, coders, engineers, and translators – might well find their jobs changing drastically. And as generative AI is increasingly incorporated into our lives, we can expect new regulations to prevent misuse of the technology.
Revolution and uprisingPluto in Aquarius puts the spotlight on inequality, injustice, and lack of freedom. Our world is governed by a small number of powerful corporations, rather than elected politicians. The focus will increasingly be on these plutocrats and the way they operate behind the scenes.

We will begin to question current values, including forms of government, ways of doing business, company hierarchy, class, race, educational privilege, bureaucratic processes, international treaties, and alignments.

We will also become more aware of and compassionate towards those who are oppressed, be it refugees, those living under dictatorships, modern day slaves, bonded labourers, or victims of human trafficking. These people will increasingly stand together and rise up against those who control or abuse them. And as always, we can expect brutal crackdowns from those who want to maintain control.
WomenHalf the world’s population are women. They have so much to offer, but have been excluded for so long, particularly women in poorer countries. Aquarian energy is all about cooperation, sharing, and the public good, something many women instinctively understand. Pluto in Aquarius has always valued cooperation over competition – imagine what would happen if four billion women were able to pool their ideas, resources, and labour.
Energy and environmentWe all know about the current environmental crisis, so expect this to be a major focus with Pluto in Aquarius.
  • Outlawing fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions
  • Individual petrol car ownership replaced by shared electric cars
  • Massive reduction in use of plastics
  • Better public transport and use of trains rather than planes
  • More local food production, planting trees, and water storage
  • Crackdown on air and water pollution
  • Solar panels everywhere with excess power fed back into the community
  • Moves to combat worldwide population growth
  • Collective and individual responsibility to improve the environment

Jeremy Rifkin author of The Third Industrial Revolution believes we are undergoing a historical transformation in the way we create and disseminate energy. He envisages a world of ‘lateral power’ where millions of humans generate green energy in their homes, offices, and factories, and share it on an energy internet, just as they now create information and share it online. And if Pluto in Aquarius really delivers, we might even learn how to harness solar power and crystal technology to create and distribute free clean, green power.

Big Brother is watching We are so used to being monitored and controlled, that few stop to question if this is normal, desirable, or healthy. Public safety and health are obviously important, but during the recent pandemic, free speech and free movement went out of the window as political leaders imposed harsh restrictions on their citizens under the mantra of ‘the greater good’. It didn’t take long before anyone who protested or disagreed was labelled a selfish conspiracy theorist.

Fear-based compliance is common all over the world, particularly under oppressive regimes. Unfortunately, we can expect this kind of government control and public censorship to increase under Pluto in Aquarius.
Money and businessAs Pluto moved in Capricorn in 2008, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created to free the transfer of money from state and bank control.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, more and more businesses are refusing to accept cash payments. As the world inevitably moves towards all-electronic and an international digital currency, with governments able to track exactly how and where we earn, spend, and store our wealth, the rise of cryptocurrency and similar systems designed to avoid surveillance is also inevitable. The same goes for bartering and informal exchange of goods.
The future is in our handsIn conclusion, Pluto in Aquarius promises radical solutions to many of our current issues and the promise of a fairer, more egalitarian society. But only if we ditch our self-centredness, stick together, and stand up to any organisation or government that tries to control us unfairly. The future is in our hands.
Mars in Cancer – emotional intelligenceAfter a full nine months travelling backwards and forwards through air sign Gemini, Mars has completed his retrograde cycle and moved into water sign Cancer, where he will stay for the next couple of months.

Mars is the action planet of the cosmos and shows how we pursue our personal interests and desires. Mars in Gemini fights with words, facts, and logic, which can be exhausting. Mars in Cancer prefers a softer approach using emotional intelligence, tenderness, kindness, and empathy.

Over the next two months (to late May) you should be able to get in touch with your feelings more easily. And become more aware of the impact your actions and words have on others. Mars in Cancer is therefore great for building relationships, dealing with children and other family members, and coping with any situation where emotions are centre-stage.

Mars in Cancer puts the focus on the home and family, so April and May are good months to spruce up your living quarters and take special care of your family and community. Cancer is all about tradition, so enjoy special family meals and rituals, trips to familiar places, or anything that makes you feel secure, nurtured, or part of a community.

The downside of Mars in Cancer is a tendency to become defensive or easily upset at perceived slights. Instead of tears, arguments, and accusations, give others the benefit of the doubt and be ready to forgive or apologise. But don’t be overly passive or avoid conflict altogether. The key is to find a balance between assertiveness and tactfulness. That means no snide remarks or passive-aggressive behaviour!
Full moon in Libra – taking care of self and othersStep outside on 6th April to see a beautiful full moon in Libra opposing the Aries sun, flanked by Chiron and Jupiter. Venus, ruling planet of Libra, is in sensuous Taurus, so use the energy of this full moon to pamper yourself. Potions, lotions, massages, spas, flowers, clothes that make you feel good, delicious food, time in nature, lovemaking…you get the idea.

With Chiron opposing the moon, emotional healing and forgiveness are also themes, based on a foundation of self-love and acceptance. We live in an increasingly competitive, fast-moving world and many feel misunderstood, under-valued, or discounted. Take good care of yourself and your emotional and physical needs at this full moon. Then offer that same love and kindness to others.
New moon in Aries and hybrid solar eclipseThe new moon solar eclipse falls on the 20th of April in the final degree of fire sign Aries. And it’s a hybrid eclipse – a rare kind of eclipse that changes its appearance as the moon's shadow moves across the earth's surface. The eclipse will be visible in Western Australia – the best place to see it is in Exmouth on the North West Cape. A long way to travel, but if you’ve ever wanted to visit Ningaloo Reef…

The Aries new moon is in a tight square formation with Pluto in Aquarius, bringing insight and expansion of consciousness. There will be plenty of time to mull things over and make changes in direction over the next three weeks as communication planet Mercury turns retrograde the day after the eclipse.

Eclipses always bring change and new insight. The advice during this whole period is to remain flexible, and weigh up your options. If you feel unstable or uncertain, sit tight and avoid making major or irreversible decisions. Astrodienst website describes this as ‘one of the standout constellations this year’.
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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