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Image: Hans Isaacson | UnsplashAstrology for Dec 2022: Celebrating Summer Solstice|Gemini full moon; powerful feelings|What Jupiter in Aries means|Sagittarius astrological health tips, & more...
by Stella Woods
"This Mars retrograde cycle challenges us to move away from people, situations, and habits that no longer work. If you feel angry, frustrated, or irritable, try spending time alone so you can work out exactly what’s going on."Celebrating the Summer SolsticeFor thousands of years, people all over the world have celebrated the summer solstice, also known as Midsummer Day, Litha or St John’s Day.

Sol + stice are Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still”. As the days grow longer, the sun rises higher and higher in the sky until it seems to stand still marking the longest day and shortest night of the year. In 2022 our Australian summer solstice falls on the 22nd December, a time to embrace the joy and richness of life. Why not mark this special day with your own celebration?
Seven solstice celebrations:1) Host a bonfire party with singing, dancing, music, and drumming as the sun goes down. Throw fresh local herbs into the fire as you each make a wish.

2) Light some brightly coloured candles and create your own altar with summer fruits and flowers. Meditate on all you have to be grateful for and give thanks.

3) Sing in the solstice! Get together with friends and enjoy an evening of music and song, opening the heart and celebrating being alive.

4) Pick fresh herbs and flowers put them in a jar full of water, then cover and leave in the sun to make a magical potion.

5) Get up early, head to the beach, lake, or river, and greet the dawn with friends. Enjoy a picnic breakfast or perhaps some chanting and yoga, followed by a refreshing swim.

6) Invite friends and family to a barbecue on the eve of the solstice. Make a sun wheel by creating a large wreath of flowers, twigs, and moss. Take strips of paper and have guests write a wish on each one and tie it to the wreath.

7) For a more personal celebration, rise with the sun, light a candle and meditate on past, present, and future, giving thanks for the gift of light and life.
Image: Remy Penet | UnsplashJupiter in Aries
Jupiter – the largest planet in our solar system – enters feisty fire sign Aries on the eve of the summer solstice, and sashays through constellation of the Ram until May 2023. The planet of growth, generosity, good fortune, and abundance expands everything he comes into contact with.

Aries is an adventurous and pioneering star sign, noted for courage, vitality, optimism, and motivation.

Jupiter in Aries favours those who are willing to take inspired action to create opportunities and follow their dreams. There is often a feeling of power and absolute self-confidence. The secret is to ground that confidence within a realistic vision and timeline.

Those with strong fire and air placements can be particularly successful when Jupiter is in Aries.

As Jupiter spends about one year in each of the 12 zodiac signs, the last time Jupiter was in Aries was 12 years ago (June 2010 to June 2011) and prior to that, 24 years ago (February 1999 – February 2000). Look back to those periods and see if you can see a theme emerging. How did you expand your horizons back then? What new things did you learn or do? The answers will give you an idea of what's in store for you in the New Year and how the choices you make now will impact your future dreams and goals.
What Jupiter in Aries means for youAries:

2023 is your year Aries! With lucky Jupiter blessing your life, your energy is magnetic. Focus on ambition and the law of attraction, and have the courage to ask for what you want and follow your dreams. This is a year to discover your true power and passion, and an auspicious period for making a brand-new start. It’s also a great year to change your physical appearance to better reflect the true you.

Jupiter will be transiting your twelfth solar house, promoting a deep need to serve selflessly, whether through personal relationships, family commitments, or volunteer or charity groups. Hidden emotions could rise to the surface, pushing you to explore relationship dynamics with others. This is an excellent year for resolution and forgiveness and releasing any anger, blame, shame, or guilt. Seek comfort in retreat, solitude, nature, meditation, and other spiritual activities. Tie up loose ends and prepare for the new cycle when Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-2023.

As Jupiter enters your eleventh solar house; your social life is highlighted. Any group activity can be especially fun and inspirational and there’s the chance to make new friends and soul mates who share your interests. Networking is a fantastic source of new contacts, so if you need a leg up in any area of life, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A good year to work for the benefit of others and share your gifts and talents. 

Jupiter will be traversing your tenth solar house, bringing opportunities in your career and professional environment. This is definitely a year when others will see the best you have to offer and recognise your hard work and accomplishments. Make good use of this favourable energy and focus on building the career of your dreams... Where would you like to be? Who would you like to be? Make your desires known and expect success, promotion, and recognition – providing you’re prepared to put in the hard work.  

Jupiter will be travelling through your ninth solar house helping you incorporate religious, spiritual, and esoteric practices into everyday life. 2023 is also a great year to learn about other cultures through travel, adventure or studying new philosophies and belief systems. It’s also an auspicious time to move interstate or even overseas. Activities such as yoga, meditation, dreamwork, breathwork, and visualisation will help expand your consciousness. Or you may decide to sign up for a course or head back to uni. Trust your intuition. And if you want to share your vision with others, consider publishing a book or starting a blog. 

Jupiter will pass through your eighth solar house, teaching you about the deeper, unspoken aspects of close relationships. Psychological issues can be embraced and understood leading to inner and outer union. Inheritances, joint ventures, investments, loans, and business dealings promise to be favourable over the coming year, but research things thoroughly. 2023 is a good time to get your finances in order – estate and retirement planning, drawing up a Will, and discussing your financial future; both with your partner and with a financial planner.

With Jupiter in your seventh solar house, now is the time to focus on your marriage and other significant personal and business relationships. Make sure those you care about know how you feel. Librans looking for a new partner could get lucky this year, but whatever your situation, it’s a great time to meet new people. A particularly good year for engagement, marriage, attracting new clients, or seeking one-to-one personal advice. Just one word of warning – if you’re unhappy in your current relationship, Jupiter could expand your horizons by bringing that partnership to an end.

Jupiter will be travelling through your sixth solar house putting the focus on the practical details of life – household chores, paperwork, caring for pets, health check-ups, service to others, and all those mundane activities that may seem boring, but which keep life running smoothly and efficiently. A good diet and health/exercise program will set you up for the year ahead. 

Jupiter will travel through your fifth solar house, making this a year of creativity, romance, and pleasure. Sounds good? Well make the most of it, take a break, and enjoy yourself! Music, art, singing, dancing, acting, dreaming, writing, partying, falling in love, or some other creative, fun activity – your choice! You could even turn your favourite hobby into a side hustle! The fifth house is also the house of children, so spend time with kids and discover your inner child. Pregnancy and childbirth are favoured.

Jupiter will be travelling through your fourth solar house prompting you to cherish your home, and work on making your living environment more secure and comfortable. A year for focusing on personal needs rather than on the outer world. Take time out to build a sense of inner peace and confidence and express your true nature. Spend as much time with close family and friends as possible. If there are rifts or conflict in your family, now is the perfect time to repair relationships with loved ones. A good year for buying property or renovating or redecorating your home.

As Jupiter passes through your third solar house your brain will be on fire. Talking, writing, reading, chatting, texting, networking, social media – this is definitely not a year to keep your ideas to yourself. Others will seek out your company, advice, and point of view, so expect more invitations than you can keep up with. Write that book, start that blog, set up a community group, or join a committee and share your passion and ideas. You may also decide to start up an online business, train for a new job, or upgrade your technology and software. The third house also rules neighbours, siblings, cousins, and extended family – 2023 is a good time to reconnect with people you’d like to see again.

Jupiter will travel through your second solar house, meaning money could run through your fingers, so watch out for extravagance! But if you play your cards right, you could end up in a substantially better financial position in a year's time, attracting money, pay rises, material possessions, and all sorts of other good fortune. Invest your resources wisely and only spend money on the things you truly value. The second house has a connection with self-worth, so take good care of yourself, avoid those who drain you, and honour your achievements.  
Gemini full moon – powerful feelingsThe December full moon lights up the skies on the 8th December in air sign Gemini, opposing the sun in exuberant fire sign Sagittarius. The 8th December is also the day of the Sun-Mars opposition, meaning the full moon and Mars are right next to each other. This key point in the Mars retrograde cycle challenges us to move away from people, situations, and habits that no longer work. If you feel angry, frustrated, or irritable, try spending time alone so you can work out exactly what’s going on.
New moon in Capricorn – hard work and dedicationNew moons are all about fresh energy and new beginnings. The December new moon falls on the 23rd in earth sign Capricorn, a time of year when we reflect on the past and wonder what the future might bring. This new moon is full of ideas and promise, but achieving dreams and goals requires hard work and dedication. Cast your mind back to this time last year and reflect on how far you have come; then set your intentions for 2023. With Mars still retrograde, you will instinctively know what is most important.
Astrological health tips – Sagittarius
In the world of astrology, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health. This month we take a look at the adventurous and exuberant fire sign, Sagittarius.

This gregarious Jupiter-ruled sign simply does not understand the concept of moderation. Despite their generally strong physical constitution, Sagittarian excess coupled with unstoppable energy and a love of freedom, travel, and adventure can lead to accidents, exhaustion, injuries, and burnout. The refusal to accept limitations can lead to eating and drinking too much, putting stress on the liver and digestive system. Exercise is mandatory for Sagittarians, but not too much exercise, otherwise the nerves and adrenals will suffer. Plenty of sleep, yoga, time in nature, and a balanced diet are highly recommended.
Sagittarius health advice:
  • Regular rest and relaxation
  • Vigorous outdoor exercise like swimming, running and team sports
  • Gentle exercise such as yoga or walking in nature
  • Moderation in food and drink, particularly alcohol
  • Sleep, naps, and downtime
  • Socialising, music, and dancing to keep the spirits high
  • Dandelion, nettle, and skullcap tea
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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