Stargazer – astrology for January 2022
Image: Firstname Lastname | UnsplashJanuary Stargazer ~ astrologist Stella takes a look at what’s in store for 2022…
by Stella Woods
"Now is the moment to set your intentions for the year ahead. Be bold, be courageous, commit to working hard; acting with integrity and vision and keeping your promises"2022 – look to the future and follow your heartWelcome to 2022 – the Chinese Year of the Water Tiger. With all those number twos in the date, I’m hoping this will be a year of cooperation and partnership. A year to follow the heart.

As we all know, the past two years of coronavirus upheaval, mirrored in the heavens by the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 and the Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021, have turned the world on its head. Last month was particularly eventful with the lunar and solar eclipses; the summer solstice; two Venus-Pluto conjunctions; the start of the Venus retrograde cycle and on Christmas Eve, the third and final Saturn-Uranus square.

The story is not over yet, but the planetary energy is shifting in 2022, as Venus retrograde reveals who and what is truly important; the moon’s north node moves into Taurus, teaching us new values; Venus travels alongside Mars throughout February and March, launching a new way of relating; and Jupiter, in compassionate and creative water sign Pisces, opens our minds to new possibilities.

The restrictions we’ve faced over the past couple of years should gradually lessen as the year unfolds. Let’s take a look at some of these astrological events and try and make sense of where we’re heading.
New moon in Capricorn – boldly setting intentionsJanuary 2022 opens with a powerful new moon in hard-working and dutiful Capricorn. Now is the moment to set your intentions for the year ahead. Be bold, be courageous, commit to working hard; acting with integrity and vision and keeping your promises. The new moon trines Uranus, planet of revolution, breakthrough, and brilliance, facilitating change and growth.
Mercury and Venus retrograde – integrity and honestyWhile 2022 promises new beginnings, projects could get off to a slower start than hoped for, with both Mercury and Venus retrograde in January.

The Mercury retrograde period begins mid-month, but Mercury starts slowing down in early January. Venus will be retrograde for the whole of January, reaching the mid-point of her cycle on 9th January when she is swallowed up by the sun and truths and secrets are revealed.

Mercury and Venus are two of our most important planets. Mercury deals with communication, commerce, contracts, transport, gossip, and information. Venus oversees love, relationships, money, values, and aesthetics. When these planets are retrograde, we are pushed to re-evaluate, re-assess, reverse, see things differently, and slow down.

Of course, there is nothing stopping us from starting relationships, signing contracts, and buying cars or phones at any time of year; but retrograde periods are best used for research and contemplation, rather than action and initiative. Often information comes to light during these periods that helps us make better decisions, once the planets turn direct.
Mercury retrograde – shifting perspectiveMercury will be moving backwards through Aquarius and Capricorn for 22 days from 14th January to 4th February. Those who follow astrology will know that the slower moving planets, Saturn and Jupiter, have been in these same zodiac signs for the past two years, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Capricorn = laws, restriction, and government. Aquarius = science, technology, and innovation. That’s a very simplistic analysis, but it’s likely that we will spend time reflecting on the events of the past two years during this Mercury retrograde period, and start to change our perspective.

We will be thinking about lockdown restrictions and laws: conflicting scientific advice; different political approaches, and the knock-on effects of coronavirus. We will be thinking about what we have lost, what we have gained, and what we have learned. We will start looking for alternative solutions offering freedom, choice, and the ability to take back control. Politicians and scientists have important roles, but our lives have been ruled by false experts for far too long. This Mercury retrograde period marks a tipping point as people start to reclaim their true power and understanding.
Venus retrograde – listen to your heartVenus is the planet of love, relationship, money, and values. She only turns retrograde every 18 months, so the Venus retrograde transit (19th December 2021 – 29th January 2022) is particularly significant.

Venus retrograde is a time when we re-assess what and whom we value and desire and distance ourselves from the activities, people, and possessions we no longer care about. This can be very challenging and emotionally confronting or surprising as true allegiances and opinions are revealed.

Venus has been moving alongside transformational Pluto since December 2021, meeting up with the planet of death and rebirth on 12th December and 25th December with a third and final conjunction due on 4th March. This alignment with Pluto deepens and intensifies Venus retrograde energy. Old buried wounds and secrets may be brought into the light of day. Emotions such as anger, betrayal, guilt, obsession, jealousy, and vengeance can explode, taking us by surprise. Secrets are revealed.

Venus retrograde can also surprise and awaken us with new love and passion. Heartfelt understanding, new alliances, or the rekindling of old ones. Exciting new directions and opportunities. Let your heart reveal your truth. Furthermore, listen to others when they speak their truth.
Image: Ellerslie | ShutterstockA good time to clarify your relationships
The Venus retrograde period is a good time to clarify all types of relationships and agreements. Never assume others know what you are thinking or feeling. Resist the urge to ignore or deny problems. Instead, be honest and open, even if this feels uncomfortable. Forgive others, apologise for your mistakes, and practice emotional maturity. This is also a good time to clear outstanding debts and taxes.

As Capricorn is the zodiac sign of authority and business, we can expect to see a loss of confidence in politicians, leaders, and business people, whose values are seen to be corrupt, selfish, disloyal, or controlling during Venus retrograde. The same goes for those who are wealthy or in positions of power – Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew come to mind.
North node in Taurus – abundance, love and securityAnother important cosmic happening, affecting us all for the next year and a half, is the shift of the karmic north node from Gemini into Taurus (Jan 2022 to July 2023). Taurus is the most practical sign of the zodiac, ruling the physical body and five senses. Taurus governs our food, water, money, and resources – the things we need to survive. Without Taurus we die.

For likely manifestations of north node in Taurus, we can look to relationship planet Venus for clues, as Venus is the ruler of Taurus. North node in Taurus will highlight what we are ready to build and claim for ourselves and others, based on what we love and value.

During the next 18 months, we have the capacity to develop self-reliance, strength, and confidence. The ability to create an abundant, comfortable life based on feelings of worthiness and security. North node in Taurus has a strong connection with love and the heart chakra, and helps us nurture and nourish our own unique gifts through self-love and self-worth. It also helps us get clear on the kinds of people we want in our lives.
Cherish our beautiful planet EarthOn a wider level, Taurus is about land, the environment, nature, and the bounties of planet Earth. North node in Taurus will make us even more aware of the importance of fresh water, clean air, abundant food, open space, and good health. Those on a spiritual path often underestimate the importance of physical comfort and security, but Taurus teaches us that a solid, stable, secure foundation is vital for an abundant spiritual life.
To understand Taurean energy, we simply need to consider or experience the consequences of a life without it – homelessness, starvation, poverty, disease, pollution, and war. Over the past year and a half, north node in Gemini has revolutionised the way we communicate. North node in Taurus will revolutionise the way we appreciate, create, and share our physical resources.
Jupiter in Pisces – something we’ve all been waiting forWith both Saturn and Jupiter in detached and intellectual Aquarius throughout 2021, technology has been used to entertain, assist, and keep us connected. But it has also been used to control, divide, and even spy on us. In 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter were in authoritarian Capricorn, we experienced even more control!

Yes… Saturn has been keeping a close eye on his fun-loving brother Jupiter, for the past two years. Having Jupiter in Capricorn and Aquarius is like forcing your most brilliant and creative student or employee to sit still, be quiet, and behave. It’s not that Jupiter can’t conform or do what he’s told, in Capricorn and Aquarius, it’s just a waste of his considerable talent and potential.

Since the end of December, Jupiter has moved into traditional ruling sign Pisces, and is finally free from the restrictions and ideology of Capricorn and Aquarius. Pisces is a flexible and adaptable energy, noted for compassion, caring, creativity, spiritual wisdom, and unconditional love. Both Jupiter and Pisces have an expansive view of the world, and a desire to bring meaning to life. Jupiter in Pisces brings increased awareness of the amazing creativity and wisdom we all share. A collective burst of vision, confidence, and positivity will make life a whole lot easier. Especially for those who think for themselves.

From late May 2022, Jupiter will spend five months in pioneering Aries, another sign where he can work his magic. He will then move back in Pisces for the last two months of the year. 2022 promises to be a kinder year. A year of endings and visionary new beginnings.
Saturn-Uranus revolutionThe headline cosmic event for 2021 was without doubt the three clashes (90° angles or squares) between mighty Saturn in Aquarius and even mightier Uranus in Taurus, in February, June, and December. Saturn and Uranus will continue to clash throughout 2022, with a final stand-off in October 2022.

Conservative Saturn is all about authority, tradition, and the tried and trusted ways of the past. Revolutionary Uranus is all about freedom, radical change, anti-establishment, and progressive ideas. The Saturn-Uranus clash mirrors the disruptive, tense, and unpredictable energy of the past two years. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our ways and life will never be the same again.
Flexibility and adaptabilityThe keywords for dealing with Saturn-Uranus energy are flexibility and adaptability. Uranus is disruptive but also creative. It stops life from becoming too static and stagnant by awakening new ideas and possibilities. Saturn-Uranus destroys our old way of thinking and forces us to find a new way forward. This is usually uncomfortable to begin with, but we humans eventually adapt to the new ways.
Birth of the Saturn-Uranus cycle
The current Saturn-Uranus cycle began way back in 1988 when Saturn met up with Uranus in the final degrees of Sagittarius, sign of travel, education, and international affairs. Saturn-Uranus events occurring around the beginning of the cycle include the 1987 stock market crash; the collapse of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany, and the dismantling of the Soviet Union following the introduction of glasnost and perestroika.

At the midpoint of the cycle, when Saturn opposed Uranus, we had the election of Barack Obama as first black American President, and the worldwide global financial crisis (GFC) whose effects can still be felt. If you think about these events, you will see how Uranian technology and revolutionary ideas gradually changed and destroyed Saturnian traditions and ideology.

Since 1988 we have witnessed the birth of the internet and digital technology to keep us informed and connected; international terrorism, multi-national corporations and globalisation; online video, gaming, and virtual reality; crypto-currencies and online trading; an explosion in worldwide travel, social justice, and anti-racist movements, plus a whole host of Sagittarian ideologies and inventions that have radically transformed the world.

The Saturn-Uranus cycle lasts for roughly 45 years. A period of dissolution can be expected over the next decade as we enter the waning square phase of the cycle, paving the way for the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini in 2032. What cherished ideals and activities will we say goodbye to over the next decade? And how will we embrace the inevitable changes?

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!
About the author:
Stella Woods is one of Australia’s leading astrologers, with a reputation for offering practical, sensitive, and insightful advice. Stella is also an experienced astrology teacher, and hosted a popular astrology talkback segment on Melbourne’s 3RRR from 2003–2010. Her first book, The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation, was published in 2012.
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