Stargazer – astrology for June 2022
Image: Winter warmth, D KhanAstrology for June 2022: Australia’s new PM | Mercury moves forwards again | Winter solstice | Super full moon in Sagittarius, heralding growth and truth | Astrological health tips for Gemini, and more...
by Stella Woods
June brings a fresh burst of energy as Mercury stations direct and Mars returns to home sign Aries. The stillness of the winter solstice coupled with a magnificent full moon in Sagittarius will illuminate and reveal the wisdom we have gained over the past six months...
Meet Australia’s new PMChanges of government don’t happen often in Australia – the Coalition has been in power for almost a decade – but on May 21st, at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle and hot on the heels of a solar and lunar eclipse, Australians voted in a majority Labor government led by new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Albanese was born on 2nd March 1963 in Sydney, with time of birth unknown. He has Sun in Pisces; Moon in Gemini; Mercury in Aquarius; and Mars in Leo (see birth chart). His childhood was not easy – mirrored in the birth chart by Venus in dutiful and hard-working Capricorn conjunct the karmic South Node. Raised by a single mother on a disability pension and living in public housing in Sydney, Albanese deserves credit for his determination, and ambition to gain a university degree and forge a long and successful career as a politician.

With Sun in compassionate Pisces and North Node in caring Cancer, Albanese has a genuine desire to help families, children, communities and those who are marginalised or disadvantaged. Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Aquarius make him an excellent communicator, multi-tasker, and forward-thinker, while Mars in Leo gives flair and leadership ability, coupled with the confidence to take on large and challenging projects.
Double returns!In early 2022, in the run up to the Federal Election, Albanese experienced both Saturn and Jupiter return. Saturn has a 28-year cycle and Jupiter a 12-year cycle, meaning this astrological combination happens only once in a lifetime, around age 58–59. It is considered to be an auspicious time when the efforts of a lifetime finally come together.

On election day, Pluto was transiting Albanese’s natal Venus-South Node conjunction in Capricorn. His power (Pluto) comes from the very fact that he had a difficult and somewhat deprived upbringing. He can relate to the struggles of ordinary, everyday Australians, and his loyalty and work-ethic have been evident during his many decades in the political arena.

Finally, when Albanese took his oath of allegiance and was sworn in by the Governor General as Australia’s 31st Prime Minister, the transiting moon was passing over his natal Sun in Pisces, blessing what promises to be a successful and productive term.
Mercury moves forwards againJune 3rd marks the end of the recent three-week Mercury retrograde period, meaning the days of technological, mechanical, and communication breakdown are hopefully behind us! Ideas and projects can finally get off the ground and, with Mercury in practical Taurus for the first half of June, we can make progress, providing we put in the work.

However, as Mercury starts moving forward, he locks horns with Saturn, planet of discipline, maturity, and karmic lessons. This Mercury-Saturn combination warns us to avoid cutting corners and, rather, aim for slow, steady progress. Communication is likely to be strained or intermittent until Mercury picks up speed mid-month.

On the 14th of June, the day of the full moon, Mercury moves back into ruling sign Gemini until early July, making the second half of June an excellent time to create, communicate, network, write, blog, brainstorm – anything that excites or inspires you intellectually or creatively. Mercury in Gemini brings clarity of thought and quick decision making.
Super full moon in Sagittarius – growth and truth
During an eclipse, the electromagnetic streams of energy from both sun and moon are temporarily blocked. The earth’s energy grid, the matrix of mass consciousness, and our own neural pathways, are sufficiently disturbed to create new openings leading to radical changes in mindset and unconscious programming.

The May solar and lunar eclipses asked us to take a good look at our own lives and commit to change. To consider what we truly value, whether that be possessions, lifestyle, relationships, or activities. To have the courage to make sweeping changes, aligning ourselves with people and activities that make our hearts sing, and leaving behind those we have outgrown.

The June full moon on the 14th in optimistic fire sign Sagittarius reminds us that this growth is an ongoing process. Neptune at the midpoint of sun and moon holds a vision of what is possible. Meanwhile Mars and Chiron unite in Aries, which could inflame old grievances, but also give us the courage to heal and leave the past behind. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is also in Aries urging us to boldly move forward and express our true nature.
Venus in Taurus – physical abundanceVenus rules love, beauty, creativity, money, and pleasure, and each month she cruises through a different sign of the zodiac. From the end of May right up to the winter solstice on 23rd June, Venus will be in sensual earth sign Taurus as we celebrate life in the physical body. Daily life takes on a glorious multi-coloured hue with pampering, fashion, and beauty all perfect activities to indulge in. Or perhaps you’d prefer home-cooked food, fresh flowers from the garden, fine wines, craft beers, cosy furnishings, warm fires, or the earthy beauty of nature? Finances often take a turn for the better with Venus in Taurus – the keyword is ‘physical abundance’.
Image: Chelsea Pridham @chelseap98 | UnsplashJupiter-Mars in Aries – passionate actionMars will be in ruling sign Aries until early July, providing us with a burst of spontaneous, forward-looking and feisty energy. In the first part of June, Jupiter travels alongside Mars, expanding and increasing this Martian energy.

Mars-Jupiter in Aries is associated with courage, daring, drive, ambition, anger, and libido. This fiery combination brings out our competitive spirit, making us want to win and excel. There is a sense of ease and confidence and a strong desire to fight to reach goals. The passion of Aries combined with the energy of Mars-Jupiter means we can get easily tackle new projects or longstanding problems with a strong likelihood of success.
Winter solstice – longest night of the yearAll over the world, monuments, temples, churches and prehistoric sites were carefully constructed to align with the winter solstice sunrise. In Australia, our winter solstice is marked by the passage of the sun into Cancer on the 21st June. Look towards the eastern horizon to see where the sun rises from the 20th–22nd June and you will see the sun in exactly the same spot over these three days. ‘Sol-stice’ means ‘sun standing still’.

Our ancestors prepared for the coming of winter long in advance, anticipating the challenges of finding food and keeping warm. The midwinter solstice was therefore a vital turning point in their seasonal calendar, marking the longest night of the year. From 21st June to the summer solstice on 23rd December, nights grow shorter and days longer.

Many of the customs associated with the winter solstice (and with other midwinter festivals such as St Lucy’s Day, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, New Year, and Twelfth Night) originate from stories of a fierce battle between the dark and the light, where the light finally conquers the darkness. Other traditions record the winter solstice as the time a saviour or sun-child is born to a virgin mother.
Silence and solitude at the winter solsticeWinter is a natural part of the seasonal cycle, and just as nature slows down in winter, we need to slow down too. This means eating nourishing slow-cooked foods, spending more time in bed, taking warm baths, and allowing our bodies to rest and recuperate. Winter is also a time for silence and going within. Here’s what Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, an Aboriginal activist, tribal elder, educator, artist, and 2021 Senior Australian of the Year, has to say about the importance of silence:

My people are not threatened by silence. They are completely at home in it. They have lived for thousands of years with Nature’s quietness. My people today recognise and experience in this quietness the great Life-Giving Spirit…

When I am out hunting, when I am in the bush, among the trees, on a hill or by a billabong; these are the times when I can simply be in God’s presence. My people have been so aware of Nature. It is natural that we will feel close to the Creator. Our Aboriginal culture has taught us to be still and to wait. We do not try to hurry things up. We let them follow their natural course – like the seasons. We watch the moon in each of its phases. We wait for the rain to fill our rivers and water the thirsty earth…When twilight comes, we prepare for the night. At dawn we rise with the sun.

We watch the bush foods and wait for them to ripen before we gather them. We wait for our young people as they grow, stage by stage, through their initiation ceremonies. When a relation dies, we wait a long time with the sorrow. We own our grief and allow it to heal slowly.
Cancer new moon – take a risk or two!The June new moon in watery Cancer on the 29th will help us get in touch with our deepest feelings and emotions. Kindness, compassion, love, and gentleness are the keywords. Cancer is generally a risk-averse sign, but this new moon links in with Jupiter in Aries, encouraging us to take risk or two and step outside our comfort zone.

Cancer is the zodiac sign most connected with home, family, and tribe. As new moons are always about new beginnings, think about any changes or improvements you’d like to make in these areas of life, including actually moving or renovating your home. And take the time to tell those close to you how much you care for them.
Astrological health tips – Gemini
In the world of astrology, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health. This month we take a look at hyperactive air sign Gemini.

This speedy air sign has a constant thirst for mental stimulation which puts pressure on their nervous system. Geminis can be ungrounded, forgetting to eat and drink, causing dehydration and blood sugar fluctuations. Rest and regular meals are vital.

Gemini rules the arms, lungs and hands. When under stress, Geminis are prone to problems in these parts of the body, especially respiratory disorders. And there can be a tendency to live in the head. These folks thrive on movement – anything that gets the blood moving around the body and brain.

Gemini health advice:
  • Brain food; seeds, nuts, olive oil, avocado, and lots of protein
  • Plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • Walking, running; any kind of movement
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Avoid sedentary or repetitive jobs
  • Protect lungs and avoid smoking
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing
  • Drink echinacea or lemon balm tea
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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