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Image: Owen le Roux @owenlerx| UnsplashAstrology for Oct 2022: Mercury retrograde strikes again! | End of an era – farewell Queen Elizabeth II | Mars retrograde – admit your true desires | Aries full moon – mutual support | Scorpio new moon – choosing with the heart | Libra's astrological health tips, and more...
by Stella Woods
"Mars retrograde asks us to consciously acknowledge our desires and passions in order to live a life of integrity. If you find yourself suddenly becoming dissatisfied with your career, relationship, or group of friends, don’t push those feelings down – honour them. If you feel yourself wanting to break free and do something completely new, don’t be afraid of change. Life is not static."Optus data breach – Mercury retrograde strikes again!Communication planet Mercury turned direct on 2nd October, after a three-week backward journey through Libra and Virgo. While most of us have experienced the odd misunderstanding, appliance breakdown, missing email, or appointment cancellation over the past few weeks, pity the CEO of giant Telco Optus, who had to inform her ten million customers that a hacker had broken into the Optus computers and stolen their data! This includes names, phone numbers, passport numbers, driving licence details, Medicare numbers, and email addresses.

With over a third of Australians having an Optus mobile or broadband account, this was Mercury retrograde on a grand scale! Mercury was in early Libra when the cyber-attack occurred, forming a square or 90° angle to the Optus nodal axis – a karmic chart point. The classic astrological interpretation for the Mercury-north node square is ‘inconvenient communications.’

Optus products first went on sale on 15th June 1992, meaning Optus is experiencing its first Saturn return in the tech-loving sign of Aquarius. And tech-loving Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is squaring the Optus Saturn. Saturn return usually brings karmic lessons. Even though the Optus hacker has withdrawn their million-dollar ransom request, allegedly deleting the stolen data and even apologising for their actions, Optus is now facing embarrassing questions about how this data breach happened in the first place.

Inconvenient communications indeed!
End of an era – farewell Queen Elizabeth III don’t often write about the Royal Family, but the death of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, on 8th September, marked the end of an era. An estimated 4 billion people watched her funeral.

The late queen’s chart (below) has been much studied by astrologers. Saturn on the Midheaven – duty and responsibility in career. Leo moon in the 7th house – enjoying attention, having a great sense of humour and attracting a partner whom one loves and admires. Elizabeth also had Capricorn rising – duty and responsibility from an early age, and sun in Taurus – love of tradition, nature, and timeless values.
Ruled by Saturn
Elizabeth died at 2.37pm on 8th September 2022 at her castle in Balmoral, Scotland. In the diagram below you can see her chart in the middle wheel and the chart for the time she died on the outer wheel.

At the hour of death, the transiting moon and Saturn in Aquarius passed over Elizabeth’s Mars, planet of life force or vital energy. In the diagram below, you can see moon and Saturn (in the 1st house on the outer wheel on the lower left-hand side of the chart) passing over Mars at 20° Aquarius on the inner wheel.

Saturn is one of the most important planets in Elizabeth’s chart. It is the planet that gave her such a strong sense of duty and desire to serve her country. In her birth chart you can see Saturn at the top of the wheel (the brown sickle like symbol between the 9th and 10th houses). This point, known as the Midheaven, is the part of the chart that represents Elizabeth’s career and public image. Saturn is also the planetary ruler of her serious and dutiful Capricorn Ascendant, representing her birth, early environment and natural way of interacting with the world. As she died, Saturn passed over Mars, constricting her vital energy.
Leo soul matesWhen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip died in April 2021, transiting Saturn opposed Elizabeth’s natal moon in Leo. The moon is the most private and personal part of a birth chart. You can see the moon in Leo in the 7th house of Elizabeth’s chart, on the right-hand side of the wheel. Leo is the sign of royalty and the 7th house is the house of marriage and partnership.

It is likely that Elizabeth lived out her fun-loving moon in Leo through her marriage to Philip, a fun-loving Gemini who was also born with moon in Leo. Underneath all that dutiful Saturn, I imagine both of them really enjoyed the Leo performance aspect of their royal roles and had lots of fun in private. When Philip died after a 73-year marriage, part of Elizabeth would have died with him. But in true Saturnian fashion she hung on to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, swore in a new Prime Minister and then two days later bowed out peacefully, under the influence of Saturn, knowing her work was complete.
Another soul mateEnter Prince Charles, now King Charles III, Elizabeth’s first-born and, based on the links between their birth charts, another soul mate.

Charles was born with the moon at 0° Taurus conjunct the karmic north node in the 10th house of career and public image (see diagram below). Elizabeth’s is also at 0° Taurus.

Charles’s Ascendant is Leo and Elizabeth’s moon is conjunct Charles’s Ascendant in Leo.

Charles has sun and Chiron in Scorpio conjunct Elizabeth’s Saturn and Midheaven in Scorpio.

This is a soul mate match of the highest order. Whatever you may read, these two were probably closer than anyone can imagine.

Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are all fixed signs, meaning they have determination and staying power. Many have criticised Charles for his marital infidelity, but while there is a playful and rebellious side to his nature with Mars and Jupiter in the 5th house of pleasure in Sagittarius, the Taurus-Scorpio-Leo signature (moon Taurus, sun Scorpio & Ascendant Leo) show that he is cut from the same cloth as his mother (sun Taurus, Midheaven Scorpio & moon Leo) with a strongly developed sense of duty and tradition. Many see Charles as an adulterer, but he has four planets in Scorpio, sign of loyalty and long-term commitment. And let us not forget, Charles was prevented from marrying his true love Camilla long before he met Prince Diana, because Camilla was not deemed a suitable match.

Where Elizabeth and Charles do differ, is that Charles’s chart has two planets in honest and outspoken Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of international affairs, truth, justice, and nature. This explains Charles’s passion for the environment and organic agriculture. He is a sensitive man, but not afraid to speak his mind. He has strong principles and is far more interested in authenticity than his mother, who had a stronger need to keep up appearances.
What Elizabeth’s death means for CharlesFinally, we look at the transits to Charles’s birth chart when his beloved mother passed away. The Moon-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that snuffed out Elizabeth’s life force was passing through his 7th house of marriage and partnership. Camilla may be Charles’s wife, but Elizabeth was symbolically his life partner, with their fates intertwined since Charles’s birth. For over 50 years, he has waited patiently to carry on her legacy. On the day of her death, Charles had Venus, planet of women and love, transiting his Saturn in Virgo, planet of duty (see diagram below 2nd house). It is as though Elizabeth was saying to Charles: “It’s your turn now – I give you my blessing.”

Whether you’re monarchist, republican, or couldn’t care less about heads of state, it will be interesting to see how things unfold under King Charles III, Britain’s new monarch.
Mars retrograde – admit your true desiresIn early October, Mars, known as ‘the red planet’, can be seen rising in the east at around 2am. The planet is brighter than most nearby stars and has a distinctive reddish tinge. As October unfolds, Mars will increase in brightness and intensity, rising a little earlier each night, his presence dominating the sky.

On the final day of October, Mars comes to a standstill and starts moving backwards against the backdrop of the stars. This retrograde journey lasts for two and a half months until 13th January. Mars reaches his closest point to earth in early December as he stands in exact opposition to the sun, from our earthly perspective.

Most LivingNow readers will be familiar with the challenges of Mercury retrograde, which occurs every four months. Mars retrograde is much less common and happens every couple of years, the last time being September – November 2020.
Mars: Roman god of war, action planet of the cosmosNormally Mars is all about taking action and achieving goals, but when he turns retrograde, we are encouraged to slow down and consider whether we’re living the life we actually want. In these days of instant gratification, the Mars retrograde transit can produce tension, frustration, depression, and even anger.

The reason for this frustration is that Mars has a passionate, warrior-like energy. When we make too many compromises; when we don’t follow our hearts; when we don’t acknowledge our desires and passions; when we neglect our creative and sexual energy; when we become stagnant, resigned and lacking in vital energy, we’ve forgotten to honour the power of Mars, and something inside us dies.

Mars retrograde asks us to consciously acknowledge our desires and passions in order to live a life of integrity. If you find yourself suddenly becoming dissatisfied with your career, relationship, or group of friends, don’t push those feelings down – honour them. If you feel yourself wanting to break free and do something completely new, don’t be afraid of change. Life is not static.

Mars retrograde is also a great time to finish off outstanding projects or tackle something you’ve been putting off for ages like a new fitness program, planning the renovation, or cleaning out the garage. You can get a lot done in two months!
Full moon in Aries – mutual supportOn 10th October the full moon in fire sign Aries aligned with Venus and Chiron, bringing emotional wounds to the surface to be healed.

Aries is all about the power of self. The power of the individual to take action and move forward to reach goals. The sun in Libra, opposing the full moon, reminds us we are not alone. The key to moving forward is to join forces with others, share resources, and provide mutual support.

As the lunar energy starts to wane or decrease a few days after the full moon, the period between 14th October and the next new moon on 25th October is great for the following self-care activities:
  • Weight loss & detoxification
  • Fasting
  • Body scrub & exfoliation
  • Deep cleansing treatments/facials
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Removal of unwanted hair
  • Emotional release
New moon in Scorpio – choosing with the heartThe October new moon falls on the 25th in water sign Scorpio, Scorpio is a passionate, intuitive, and introverted energy with an instinctive understanding of birth, death, and the natural cycles of life.

The Scorpio sun and moon are conjunct love goddess Venus, opening the heart and deepening feelings. There is a solar eclipse at this new moon bringing change and shifts in perspective. Venus is all about love and the new moon is about new beginnings. Think about the people around you, those you love, those you’d like to love, and those you’d be better off leaving behind.
Astrological health tips – LibraThis month we take a look at the charming and cooperative air sign Libra.

Libra’s symbol is the scales. These folks are all about balance and helping others. However, in their quest to be liked and with their love of relationship, Librans often neglect to spend time looking after themselves. A dose of selfishness is vital for good health.

Libra rules the kidneys and urinary system as well as hormonal balance. When under stress, Librans can suffer from urinary infections, high cortisol levels, adrenal fatigue and lower back pain. Metabolism can be sluggish, so regular meals and gentle exercise are recommended.

Libra’s ruling planet is pleasure-loving Venus, but too many sweet treats, soft drinks, alcohol, cocktails and rich food are dangerous. Everything in moderation!
Libra health advice
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid coffee and other stimulants
  • Fresh salads and bitter greens
  • Walking, yoga, and other gentle exercise
  • Restful, regular sleep
  • Avoid stressful situations and aggressive people
  • Be more selfish more often
  • Music, love, companionship, and laughter
  • Surround yourself with beauty and harmony
  • Green tea or lemon juice in hot water
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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