Stargazer – astrology for June 2024
Image: Chris Sabor | UnsplashAstrology for June 2024: Mars – pursuit of passion and desire. Mars in your birth chart – willpower, sexual energy, goals, anger, frustration, motivation...
by Stella Woods
"Mars also dictates how we express and respond to anger and frustration, meaning this planet has a significant impact on all our relationships."Mars – the pursuit of passion and desireMars in the birth chart symbolises our willpower, drive, sexual energy and how we assert ourselves. Mars is the raw energy that gets us out of bed in the morning, keeps us motivated and helps us work towards our goals.
So where is Mars in my birth chart?If you’re not sure, visit to find out.
Mars through the zodiac:Mars in Aries
Mars in Aries approaches sex with enthusiasm, passion, and spontaneity. Those with Mars in Aries have a direct and assertive nature, and a bold and adventurous attitude toward intimacy. Mars in Aries natives are usually exciting, engaging, and impulsive lovers who trust their instincts. Quick to anger, but also quick to forgive and move on.
Mars in Taurus
Those with Mars in Taurus have a slow, sensual, and highly physical nature. They enjoy pleasure, stability, and deep sensual connection. These are loyal and devoted lovers, who seek to build a strong, enduring bond with their partner. But watch out when they get mad – it doesn’t happen often, but think ‘raging bull’.
Mars in Gemini
Mars in Gemini approaches the mating game with curiosity, versatility, and a playful energy. Mental stimulation, communication, and variety are of great importance. Mars in Gemini lovers are open to experimentation, keen to enhance the sexual experience of all involved. And when it comes to fighting and competing, words are their weapon of choice.
Mars in Cancer
Mars in Cancer pursues intimacy with depth, sensitivity, and a focus on creating a secure and nurturing environment. Emotional connection, gentleness, intimacy, and caring are all vital. But underneath their kind nature, their shadow side is passive aggression. This trait can be overcome by developing confidence and self-esteem.
Mars in Leo
Mars in Leo mates are passionate and dramatic, with a strong desire to express their love and creativity. Confident, generous, romantic and highly enthusiastic, Mars in Leo knows who and what they want…and how to get it. But watch out for their hot temper – when the lion roars, things can get explosive.
Image: Lemuel Butler | UnsplashMars in Virgo
Mars in Virgo approaches intimate encounters with a meticulous, attentive, and service-oriented mindset. Expect precision, perfection, and a desire to please their partner through thoughtful and considerate actions. When in balance, Mars in Virgo instinctively understands the mind-body-spirit connection, paving the way for sexual ecstasy. They tend to avoid conflict, hoping others will eventually see reason.
Mars in Libra
Mars in Libra delights in balance, harmony, and mutual satisfaction. This placement emphasises partnership, romance, and a considerate attitude towards their partner’s needs and desires. These folk are people pleasers, avoiding conflict at all costs, however, they need to learn how to stand up for themselves, to avoid becoming doormats.
Mars in Scorpio
Mars in Scorpio approaches intimacy with intensity, passion, and a deep desire for transformation and emotional connection. They have a powerful, magnetic, and often mysterious approach to sex. Mars in Scorpio finds balance through release of energy, meaning a healthy love life and exercise routine are vital. Kundalini comes naturally… but they can be emotionally manipulative or play dirty when crossed.
Mars in Sagittarius
Mars in Sagittarius approaches sex as they approach everything else in life – with enthusiasm, adventurousness, excitement and a love of exploration. There’s a free-spirited, open-minded, and optimistic attitude towards intimacy, which can create amazing experiences, but also sticky situations. Physical activity coupled with a healthy sex life keeps their inner fire and temper in check.
Mars in Capricorn
Mars in Capricorn is disciplined and ambitious with a focus on achievement. There is a pragmatic, goal-oriented, and cautious attitude towards intimacy, coupled with a desire to maintain control. Their hardest lesson is to learn to let go, but with Capricorn being an earth sign, ruled by the lusty goat, once they do let go, magic happens. As for conflict, Mars in Capricorn is always right. Or at least that’s what they believe!
Mars in Aquarius
Mars in Aquarius takes a mental approach to sexual encounters, coupled with a desire for unconventional experience. There is a progressive, independent, and open-minded attitude towards intimacy, but they can be emotionally detached. And all that individuality makes them headstrong and belligerent when challenged.
Mars in Pisces
Mars in Pisces approaches intimacy with sensitivity and imagination, seeking a deep emotional connection. There is a romantic, intuitive, and spiritually inclined attitude towards relationships. And these folks are effortlessly kind and compassionate, sometimes to a fault. So, how do they get their own way? They either sulk or give in.
About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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