Stargazer – astrology for May 2022
Astrology for May 2022: Eclipse season is upon us – here’s a heads up on these cosmic wild cards which bring change, evolution, endings and new beginnings.
We have two solar eclipses and two or more lunar eclipses each year, occurring when the sun, moon and earth align energetically. In 2022 the eclipses are in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio (polar-opposites) that can teach us about the balance between the physical and emotional world.

Change cannot be avoided this month as both eclipses are closely tied in with Uranus, planet of breakthrough, revolution, surprise and …change!
by Stella Woods
Solar eclipse in Taurus
The first eclipse on 1st May is at the new moon – a solar eclipse with both sun and moon in Taurus. During a solar eclipse, lunar concerns (gut feelings, emotional patterns, subconscious mind and habits) somehow interfere or block out our outwardly focused yang energy (the sun) bringing new and often sudden insight.
Taurus has a strong connection with planet earth. We all know the earth is out of balance with pollution, rising temperatures, drought and extreme weather patterns, as witnessed by the recent floods in east coast Australia and record temperatures in Antarctica.

Perhaps this solar eclipse will awaken us from complacency and convince us that unless we change the way we treat planet earth, our lives will eventually not be worth living at all.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visiting flood-stricken Lismore said recently: "Australia is getting hard to live in …we are dealing with a different climate to the one we were dealing with before. I think that's just an obvious fact."
Lunar eclipse in ScorpioThe second eclipse is at the full moon on 16th May – a lunar eclipse with the sun in Taurus opposite the moon in Scorpio, eclipsed by the earth’s shadow and turning blood red. This full moon is also known as the Wesak Moon, a celebration of Buddha’s birthday and enlightenment.

 Like the solar eclipse, this lunar eclipse is also tied in with Uranus, as if to hammer home the need for radical change and different perspective. The sun and moon form a challenging square to Saturn, representing a challenge to the status quo. Something has to give and at this full moon the forces for change are reinforced by Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, suggesting the new ways are more powerful than the old.

The May eclipses ask us to take a radical look at our own lives and commit to change. The key is to consider what we truly value, whether that be possessions, lifestyle, relationships or activities.

Have the courage to make sweeping changes, aligning yourself with people and activities that make your heart sing and leaving behind things that no longer serve. The energy generated by the eclipses will bring change and growth with any important themes arising during this period resonating for the next six months
Eclipses and elections
May is federal election month in Australia - the first since the Black Summer bushfires. With devastation from the recent floods uppermost in everyone’s mind, the costs of climate change, environmental, human and financial, seem certain to play a big part.
In the months leading up to the election, opposition leader, Anthony Albanese (born 2/3/1963) has experienced both Saturn return (in February) and Jupiter return (in April), a combination that happens just once on a lifetime and is normally an auspicious period. We don’t have an accurate time of birth for Albanese, but it’s very likely that the lunar eclipse aligns with his natal moon, signalling profound change.

The solar eclipse falls on Scott Morrison’s natal Venus in Taurus (born 13/5/68) and the lunar eclipse aligns with his Taurus sun and Scorpio moon. Could the May eclipses signal the end of Morrison’s stint as Australia’s Prime Minister?

Whatever the outcome, we can expect plenty going on behind the scenes and potential confusion and misinformation both before and after the election, with communication planet Mercury turning retrograde and travelling backwards in Gemini and Taurus from 10th May to 3rd June.
New moon in Aquarius – compromise and toleranceFebruary 1st brought a new moon in Aquarius with both sun and moon conjunct Saturn and square Uranus (= opposing viewpoints).

I have written before about the Saturn-Uranus square that dominated the heavens in 2021 and continues to flex its muscles throughout 2022. Saturn is all about maintaining the status quo, following the rules, and respecting the law and government. Uranus is all about smashing things up, rebelling, new ideas, change, and revolution.

With the new moon tied in with both of these outer planets, we can expect further clashes this month, both in society and in our personal lives. Saturn and Uranus are equally strong, so neither can win outright. This means we need to develop new strategies and viewpoints in order to move forward. Respecting the old ways, while embracing the new. Avoiding harsh words. Compromise and tolerance.
Samhain – releasing old energySamhain, the ancient Celtic fire festival, is celebrated by nature loves and pagans at the beginning of May. The word ‘pagan’ derives from the Latin word ‘paganus’ meaning ‘country dweller’. People living in rural areas continued to worship the cycles of nature long after Christianity was embraced by the towns and cities of the Roman Empire. The word for ‘country dweller’ became synonymous with someone whose spiritual beliefs were based on seasonal energies.
Samhain was seen as a time when the future could most easily be predicted, and was a favoured time among Druids for ritual fortune-telling. Samhain marked the last breath of warm weather - a time of uninhibited feasting, dancing and celebration. A time of release; a time to let go of all unwanted baggage, fears and attitudes, just as the trees let go of their leaves.

Samhain is the gateway to winter, and a magical time of passage between the seasons. The veil between this world and other dimensions is very thin, and divine beings, the spirits of the dead, and mortals are said to be able to move freely between one world and the next. 

As the seasons change from autumn to winter, Samhain is a good time to go within and meditate and then literally and metaphorically get rid of dead wood. A backyard bonfire with friends followed by a feast is a great way of doing this. Consider holding a ritual to release the old and embrace the new.
Mercury in Gemini – brain on fireCommunication planet Mercury will be in ruling sign Gemini right through May until early July, an excellent time to create, communicate, network, write, blog, brainstorm – anything that excites or inspires you intellectually or creatively.

Mercury in Gemini brings clarity of thought and quick decision making. Unfortunately, Mercury can also produce cutting remarks and unwanted truths. Watch your tongue and think carefully before slicing and dicing your opponent or they might do the same to you!
Now is the time to let go of preconceived ideas and remain open to new directions. Curiosity, fresh ideas and perspective coupled with a willingness to listen and communicate openly will help us all move forward together.

As everyone on the planet is affected by Mercury energy there will be a surfeit of ideas, information, solutions and opinions. But beware of gossip, slander, hearsay and mis-information. Use your powers of discrimination and don’t believe everything you hear!
Mercury retrogradeMercury will be retrograde (moving backwards) from 10th May to 3rd June through Gemini with a short stint in Taurus. This three-and-a-half-week period offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and regroup before moving forward again with projects and plans.

The 22nd May marks the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle, where there is often an ‘aha’ moment as messages from the unconscious flow through to the conscious mind. As always with Mercury retrograde, pay particular attention when driving, travelling, signing contracts, negotiating agreements and in all types of personal and business communication
Astrological health tips - TaurusIn the world of astrology, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health. This month we take a look at practical and stable earth sign Taurus.

Taureans are blessed with a strong, robust constitution, great stamina and incredible endurance. This solid and reliable earth sign is rarely ill, but has a stubborn nature, meaning there is a great resistance to change in habits. Taureans need plenty of rest and will become stressed if forced to move or make decisions too quickly.

These folks often overindulge in food, sweet treats and alcohol, so there can be weight problems. Taurus rules the neck, so there can be problems with the throat and thyroid gland. Digestion is normally good, though there can be issues with the bowels when under stress, Music and time in nature are very healing.

Taurus health advice
  • Avoid overeating
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Stick to a regular routine
  • Spend time in the garden or in nature
  • Sing and chant
  • Surround yourself with beauty
  • Hot water with slices of lemon
  • Dandelion or chamomile tea.

Mars in Aries – passionate actionMars will be in ruling sign Aries from 25th May until early July, providing us with a burst of spontaneous, forward-looking and feisty energy. Mars is related to energy, pure and simple, and is associated with courage, daring, drive, ambition, anger, and libido. Mars is fast-moving and can be reckless, so needs a constructive outlet to express itself.

Mars in Aries brings out our competitive spirit, making us want to win and excel. There is a sense of ease and confidence and a strong desire to fight to reach goals. The passion of Aries combined with the energy of Mars means we can get easily tackle new projects or longstanding problems, but there can be a lack of staying power or discipline. .
The shadow side of Mars in Aries is a tendency towards impatience, arrogance, anger and impulsiveness. If Mars in Aries cannot find a way to express itself positively, we may become self-destructive, aggressive or accident-prone.
To make the most of the Mars in Aries transit, check the house of Aries in your own birth chart and determine the areas of your life where you’ll experience an increase in energy, drive, courage, and determination (e.g. Mars in Aries in the fourth house = in the home; Mars in Aries in the second house = earning money, acquiring possessions). This area of life is also where you may find yourself being more assertive or potentially running into conflict with others.
Venus in Taurus – pamper yourselfVenus rules love, beauty, creativity, money and pleasure and each month she cruises through a different sign of the zodiac. From late May until the winter solstice, she will be visiting sensual earth sign Taurus as we celebrate life in the physical body. Daily life takes on a glorious multi-coloured hue with pampering, fashion and beauty all perfect activities to indulge in.

Or perhaps you'd prefer home-cooked food; fresh flowers from the garden; fine wines, craft beers, cosy furnishings, warm fires or the earthy beauty of nature? They are perfect activities for the golden days of autumn.

Finances often take a turn for the better with Venus in Taurus - the keyword is ‘physical abundance’.

Venus will be sashaying through Taurus from 29th May to 23rd June, so light the fire, book that massage or simply take a long soak in the hot tub…

About the author:
Stella Woods is an astrology teacher, writer, and consultant. Contact Stella at or or

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